Midterm Projects

Midterm Assignment

Midterm assignment due via email and class blog before class on Tuesday, March 3th

Your midterm assignment consists of two parts: a short media project that you will post to the class blog, and a short written self-critique (2-4 pages) of that project in relation to what we have learned in the course thus far. The written portion should be emailed to Prof. Zinman:

Our class screenings, discussions, and readings have addressed many topics and themes, including: AI; VR/MR/AR; the extension of humanity by technology; the relationship of technology to the body; analog vs. digital culture; control/power/capital; the long take; chaos cinema; digital acting; digital identity; special effects; cinema in the digital age; digital temporalities, etc.

Your assignment for midterm is to choose one of the following topics and create both a short media work and a written self-critique of that work.

You may choose to create your own project, pending the professor’s approval.

  1. Make a long-take video. Argue for how and why the film operates with respect to: 1) similar efforts by Cuaron, Mendes, and McQueen 2) the Myth of Total Cinema.
  2. Make post-continuity/chaos cinema video. Argue for the ways in which you have used sound and image to capture the character of your subject.
  3. Make video or project about Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Make a project or video about living/life online.
  5. Make a digital animation. Argue for how your work relates to earlier examples of the form, both in its formal (composition, lighting, editing, color, sound, etc.) and thematic content. Discuss how the former informs the latter. How is your film is informed by the cultural and historical moment in which it was made?
  6. Make a video or project about the relationships between analog and digital moving image technologies.
  7. Make a project about the relation or effect of technology on the body.
  8. Make a video essay/website on a filmmaker or a particular film. The video essay should present a thorough argument about your chosen topic. This option combines the media project/written self-critique.
  9. Make a video or project about digital acting.


1) What you think your work is about.

2) How your work engages critically with some of the ideas presented in the screenings, readings, the class meetings, and on the blog.

3) How you understand your work in relation to others that we have seen in class and on the blog.

4) How well the project succeeded, in your estimation. What worked, and what didn’t, and why?


Effort: how did you attempt to incorporate the ideas and themes of the class?

Ingenuity: how did you take what we have seen, discussed, and read, and make it into something of your own creation?

Aesthetics: how carefully did you consider the look, sound, and feel of your chosen subject?

Use of sources: did you thoroughly engage with the readings? Your self-critique should make use of at least two of the class readings.


  • Videos can be of any length, and can be hosted on any platform that can be viewed online (YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, etc.).
  • The written portion must have page numbers, be double-spaced, printed in Times 12-point font, with standard margins. No exceptions.
  • Do not use a title page.
  • Be sure to put your name, class, and professor’s name on the first page of the written essay.
  • Title your file “First Name Last Name_LMC 3255_Midterm”
  • If you are citing outside sources, please do so as footnotes. You do not have to site the films you are analyzing—title and year of production will suffice, e.g. Her (2013).
  • Your work must be your own. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Copying or failing to cite work that is not your own will result in a failing grade, and possible disciplinary action.
  • No late work will be accepted.

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